IBM s/36

From: Sergio Izquierdo Garcia <>
Date: Wed Nov 19 18:45:31 1997

Hi all!

I?m afraid this computer is off-topic (dated 1988). Sorry.

An IBM 5363-I has recently been given to me, but I don?t know anything
at all about its internal architecture or capabilities. I only own the
Central Unit; no cables, no floppies, no tapes, no manuals, no
* It has two 15-pin sub-d connectors in one expansion card. They seem to
be for attaching two serial terminals (syncronous? type 5250?)
* In another expansion board it has a 9-pin sub-d connector.
* There are too four twin-axial connectors.

Can anybody help me on this subject?

Thanks in advance.

Sergio Izquierdo Garcia
Received on Wed Nov 19 1997 - 18:45:31 GMT

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