CLASSICCMP digest 241

From: William Donzelli <>
Date: Fri Nov 21 19:04:10 1997

> Hmm... I wonder what the DoD procedure is for erasing (possibly classified)
> information from core?

There is a procedure for erasing stuff like this - it can be found in (at
least) older Xicor books. It generally involves writing and erasing
patterns and zeros to the memory quite a great deal (thus, used EEPROMs
from the military should be suspect, as they could be worn out).

> Or have the security folks completely ignored
> the issues of nonvolatile storage?

Ignored, or overreacted (just like the shovels a buddy had to break the
handles off of, just because their part number showed them to be included
in an antenna guy kit that required demilling).

> Last time I was involved with such procedures, hard drives were melted
> with thermite, and remaining ashes/parts were trucked into a secured
> area where they were buried (and kept under guard).

Yes, government machines are often missing drives.

William Donzelli
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