Here we go... multi-BA problems.

From: Daniel A. Seagraves <>
Date: Sat Nov 22 18:10:33 1997

On Sat, 22 Nov 1997, Tony Duell wrote:

> Do you get _anything_ on the console terminal of the 11/44? (like, for
> example, ?CP not started - a classic message that nearly always means
> grant problems)?

I fixed that when I removed the RH11. But now I have the beeping BA.

> BTW, what sort of power connector do you have on the new DD11? Most
> systems use a 15 pin connector for power and a 6 pin one for the power
> status and line clock signals. Some very early machines used a little PCB
> thing that fitted into one of the backplane connectors. And a few early
> 11/45's used 8-pin mate-n-locks, like the current loop connectors.

It doesn't work. It has normal plugs, but it can't get DC right. It
trips something that resets the PSU.

> Just to confim the obvious. You have a unibus cable from the A&B
> connectors on the far left of the CPU backplane to the A&B connectors on
> the far right of the DD11, right? And a terminator in the A&B connectors
> at the far left of the DD11.

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