Update on finds

From: John R. Keys Jr. <jrkeys_at_concentric.net>
Date: Sun Nov 23 11:11:08 1997

Well the last 3 weeks have been pretty slow and more people have started
going to the thrift's that I shop. I'm still trying to work out a deal to
save alot of classic's setting in a warehouse here in Minn. and will let
everyone know when and if they come avaiable. I did find a few items such as
several pairs of black paddles made by Apple for the II series I guess (they
were free), a Mac SE/30 with HD problems for $5, Apple 2400 data modem with
power supply for free, 2 PS/2-70 386 for $5 each one is load with memory and
all the slots are full of cards, have pulled them yet to see what they are,
and the other has no memory in it or extra cards, a Commodore 1571 drive for
$5, Franklin Ace 1100 with Franklin video monitor both were free and I have
tested them yet, Apple IIc power supply for free, AppleColor Composite for
$5 and it works great, IBM 4019-E01 laser for 19.95 needs a little work, A
NEC kB MMTKB-1001 for 2.95, and a 2600 cartridge called "Kool-Aid Man" for
.25. I'm also still trying to get away to test the 10 Sym-1's that picked
up a few weeks ago so that I can trade or sell them. I also found in the
same box 12 Intel boards dated copyright 1976 with white keys, a red lED
readout, a boxed area marked Bus Expansion Drivers filled with various
chips, TTY interface boxed area, PROM area, Address Decoder area, and all
kinds of things on these boards. Does anyone know what thses units are ? I
plan to keep one and trade or sell the others if I can figure their value.
Times like these are when I could use a digital camera and my own web site
to show strange finds to everyone for help in figuring out what it is. Well
a new week is starting and a four day weekend so I hope to shop alot. Keep
computing and have a great Thanksgiving - John
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