Rubbery Bits Gone Gooey

From: Roger Merchberger <>
Date: Sat Nov 22 19:48:45 1997

;-) Allison J Parent head-scratched, yawned, then typed:

>The solution I've used to date is to first strip the goo off the alumninum
>ferrule that is on the drive. Then I found a peice of tygon(vinal) clear
>tubing that had the required ID for a tight fit. I cut a ring the width of
>the original(cut squarely and clean) and proceded to glue it on using
>superglue (cyanoacrylic). then I run it up on a spare motor and grind it
>using a emery board. The last step it insure roundness. I've done this
>for 6 tu58 drives and it seems to work fine. It's noisier as it's harder
>but seems to have enough friction to drive the tape well.

Here's an idea...

[[please note: this is *just* an idea. I don't know the part in question, I
don't know if this will work, I don't know if.... Obviously, YMMV... but
it's an idea. :-) ]]

instead of the vinyl, would a small section of heat-shrink tubing work? Nip
it a little longer than the thickness of said ferrule, then hit it with
some heat. You could sand off the top and bottom if necessary (for
balance?), but if my thoughts aren't way off base, you wouldn't need to
glue it to keep it in place... This should also solve the roundness
adjustment, wouldn't it? (as in -- it should stay in round without

Again, just a thought.

Hope this helps,
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