Now it's a RSTS problem.

From: Daniel A. Seagraves <>
Date: Tue Nov 25 16:51:13 1997

On Tue, 25 Nov 1997, Tim Shoppa wrote:

> RU0 is the RSTS/E name for your disk hanging off the UDA50.

Uh oh...

> What is
> the CSR of your UDA50?

I don't know. It was last set at 772150.

> 172150 is the standard CSR and undoubtedly what
> RSTS/E is expecting. You ought to be able to examine location 172150
> from console ODT when you get the UDA50 set for the right CSR.

Where's it set at? That's what I was asking.

> After you get the CSR set correctly, you might have a problem
> with backplane continuity if it still complains about interrupts.

That's more likely. It's acting real funny, and last time it booted it
never said a word about UDA at wierd CSR. Maybe pulling the NPG corrected
one problem and made another?

> RSTS/E is notoriously picky about hardware configurations, and
> problems like you describe can be caused by other hardware that
> is confusing INIT. What
> else is in your system besides CPU, memory, and the UDA50?

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