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Date: Thu Nov 27 18:34:17 1997

> Greetings,
> I noticed you answered another person`s questions about their PC jr.
> so I wonder if you could help me.
> The pins where the monitor plugs in have been broken off.
> Do you know of where I could get a new piece? Can I just use the A/V
> jacks to plug into my TV? Also where can I get some software or an
> IBM basic programming book?
> I would greatly appriciate any information you could give.
> Thank-You,
> Art Brown
> vice president
> Old Technologies Inc.
> <>
If I remember rightly, the PC Jr connector pins are simply pressed in
with a 90 deg bend into motherboard PCB but problem is,
the connector unit is one piece I think. I will let others suggest
any tips...


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