New Apple finds

From: Adam Jenkins <>
Date: Sat Nov 29 08:17:06 1997


I just had one of those wonderful days where I was destined to get a new
computer or four. :) Nothing madly unique, I think, but they filled most
of a hole in my collection. I followed a lead on a possible Apple or 2, and
ended up making a deal where I swapped my extra four IIc's (a job lot with
a pile of manuals - I wanted the manuals but already had the computer) for:

Apple IIe enhanced
Apple IIe Platinum
Apple ///+
Apple IIgs Woz Edition

and an LCD screen (Apple) for the IIc. My questions are simple - I know
about the IIe's, which are common, but what about the LCD screen and the
///+? I had seen neither before in Australia, but this doesn't prove much.
Are they moderatly common, uncommon or heaps rare? Although it is good to
know why the LCD screen didn't sell - it works great, but you do have to be
at a perfect angle, the screen is a very odd angle, and, although legible,
it is still quite faint. Oh, and anyone know where I can get some Apple ///
software? It came with some, but no Basic or games stuff.

Best thing about today was the new contact - he gets in a lot of old
apples, and will be happy to pass them on to me because he says that I am
genuine, not someone trying to make money by taking them off him for
resale. :) This is a good thing - before long I may finally have the entire
non-Macintosh Apple line.

Finally, someone was asking me about the Amstrad Notepads and their
availability on Australia, A couple just came up for sale for half the
normal second-hand price (still quite high, but they are still oddly
popular) along with 2 Laser PC3s, a Laser PC2 an old Casio and an old NEC
notepad/laptop thingy. I will pickup some for myslef, but I could pick up
teh Amstrad if he wants one. :)

Thanks heaps,

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