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Date: Fri Nov 28 10:18:07 1997

>and an LCD screen (Apple) for the IIc. My questions are simple - I know
>about the IIe's, which are common, but what about the LCD screen and the
>///+? I had seen neither before in Australia, but this doesn't prove much.
>Are they moderatly common, uncommon or heaps rare? Although it is good to
>know why the LCD screen didn't sell - it works great, but you do have to be
>at a perfect angle, the screen is a very odd angle, and, although legible,
>it is still quite faint. Oh, and anyone know where I can get some Apple ///
>software? It came with some, but no Basic or games stuff.

Both the LCD screen and Apple ///+ are quite rare. I've seen both sell for
over $100 in auctions. The LCD screen is the rarer of the two. Not sure
where to get software for the ///+. I have an Apple /// as well and not a
single floppy for it. The Woz IIgs is one of my favorites, but its still not
worth much.

Tom Owad
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