Info on RQDX3

From: James Willing <>
Date: Fri Nov 28 23:28:09 1997

New day, new aggrivations...

I've been trying to get an ST-212 drive formatted up as an RD51 so I can
install a copy of Micro-RSTS onto one of my systems.

Got the parameters to format the drive on my VS2000, and that seemed to go OK.

Put the drive into the system (a MicroPDP 11/23), and it looked OK until I
told the RSTS installer to prepare the drive, at which point it started
complaining about various things, and claimed that the drive was an RD52?!?

Back to the notes... Find a note that drives formatted on a VS2000 are not
compatable with an RQDX1 controller... Whats in the 11/23? Yank the back
off... Figures... An RQDX1! FOO!!

Off to the board box... Locate an RQDX3, looks promising... Install it in
the system... Now the system completes its self test and immediately
complains about a "DU0 - ERR 15 Controller Error". WTH is this? Off to
the book shelf... NUTZ! Latest book I've got only gets up to the RQDX1!

Decide to bag it for the night... Put the RQDX1 back in... Same error???

So to the questions:

        What is "DU0 - ERR 15 Controller Error" ?
        Did the RQDX1 perhaps munge the format on the drive during the install
        Anyone have a list of the jumpers on the RQDX3 that might be of use ?
        Can a RQDX3 be subbed straight across for an RQDX1 ?
        If not, does anyone have a formatter disk (or whatever) for the RQDX1 ?
        Why am I now getting the same error from the RQDX1 and the RQDX3 ?
        Anyone got a spare copy of a manual that covers the various RQDX? ?


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