Atari 130XE

From: Zane H. Healy <>
Date: Fri Nov 28 23:37:53 1997

Well today wasn't the best as far as hunting goes. One of my main finds
was an Atari 130XE, the case is like my 520ST, but I'm possitive this is an
8-bit Atari. What is the story with this one, and can it use the same
powersupply as my 520ST? If it can use it I think I'll finally have enough
pieces to get an 8-bit Atari up and running.

It has a cartridge port that looks like it will take the cartridges that go
in the Atari 800 I've got (it's also missing a power supply).

One major plus is it had the necessary cable to connect the computer to the
floppy drive I picked up a month or so ago. Although the cable seems to be
intended to go to this real cool looking little box, an "Atari 850
Interface Module", which is complete with a power supply, and a operaters
manual. The operators manual has the following note, which I think is
interesting "We have included a photocopy of the Operator's Manual in order
to expedite initial delivery of the product", and it continues with
instructions on how to get the printed manual.

What was probably the biggest find was a Macintosh Colour Classic minus
keyboard and mouse for $5.00, only has 4Mb of memory, but it just might end
up replacing my SE/30 as my Word Processor. I just wish it could handle
32Mb of RAM like the SE/30, instead of a measly 10Mb (OK, I admit, that's
more than I need for what I'm threating).

The other good finds were a VIC-20 in the box, but missing the manuals
(I've got those already). I found a VIC-1541 at another place, I'm hoping
to get it cleaned up and running. Most of the rest was manuals and cables,
along with a box of Amiga software (most originals).

Also picked up a Daystar LT200 card (Still sealed in the anti-static bag)
to connect a PC to LocalTalk, anyone know of any Linux support for this?
I'd love to use my Linux server as a bridge between EtherTalk, and
LocalTalk. Especially since I've got LocalTalk Software for my Amiga's,
and the IIgs's will also do it.


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