Ahhhh... Was RSTS sold bin-only?

From: Daniel A. Seagraves <dseagrav_at_bsdserver.tek-star.net>
Date: Sat Nov 29 13:51:36 1997

On Sat, 29 Nov 1997, Tim Shoppa wrote:

> If there were other peripherals in the original configuration, those
> addresses may have been appropriate. (For Unibus purposes, "160140"
> is the same as "760140".) I'm a bit confused by your comment;
> are both of your DZ11's at the same CSR and Vector???

Ahh, here's why they were reset! The TU58 and RU0 are at 300 and 310,
respectively. So, I'll just change the interrupt numbers, the addresses
look fine.
This is according to HARDWR.
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