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Date: Sun Nov 30 11:27:55 1997

Well, I have a TV, VCR, and Cable Descrambler box. Each has a separate
remote. I was unable to operate the TV picture controls for a while, because
each time I do, the Cable Box does something weird. Also, if I operate the
the volume control on the TV remote, the Cable Box sometimes changes the
channel. But, the IR emitter is focused in a small beam, so that unless the
IR keyboard reflects off of something, or the receivers are right next to
each other, there oughtn't be interference.

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<< > >PC jr.
> Would you like to have another IR keyboard?
 On the subject of PC Jr's, I've always had a silly question: how do you
 use more than one in the same room at the same time? Don't the IR
 keyboards interfere with each other? Or is there some obvious solution
 to this problem?
 I've noticed that some of the Web-TV units also have IR keyboards...
 do they have a solution to this problem?
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