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From: Kevin McQuiggin <mcquiggi_at_sfu.ca>
Date: Sun Nov 30 18:18:27 1997

At 09:54 AM 97/11/30 -0800, you wrote:
>Actually, what you might imagine to be a small beam isn't all that small.
>Go to radio shack and buy one of their little IR-viewing aids sometime.
>(Or use a CCD camera to look at the output from your remote; CCD's
>are quite sensitive to the near-IR.) Most have a beamwidth at least
>60 degrees wide, and all work quite effectively if you point them
>backwards but at a white wall :-)

This is standard practice here at home, we play with the thing quite often,
i.e. at the wall, the ceiling, from under a blanket, at our finch, etc.

On the PCjr I found the range to be quite poor, and one had to be right in
front of the system unit in any case. Across the room operation was next to

>I would guess that the IR keyboards in the PC Jr's pretty much guaranteed
>that they would never be adopted by schools. When all you have to do
>is point your keyboard at the teacher's PC and type "DEL *.*", any
>schools that did buy them must've unloaded them as soon as they could...

This was an option, albeit it came standard. A keyboard cord could also be
used, as I recall. I sold my PCjr in 1989.

I still have technical manual, if anyone's interested.


Kevin McQuiggin VE7ZD
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