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From: Hotze <photze_at_batelco.com.bh>
Date: Sun Nov 30 12:03:38 1997

>I've noticed that some of the Web-TV units also have IR keyboards...
>do they have a solution to this problem?
I think that the IR keyboards are the same thing for jrs and for Web-TVs...
a joke. I mean, they belong with video confencing, (responsive) touch
screens, and gigahertz processors. Right now, the technology is too
expensive to get a good use. (IE make something cheap and with few
functions, like a remote, or expenisve and keyboard functions, but at a high
cost). I've seen the Web-TV IR keyboards (a very slim & beautiful-looking
unit), and they cost hundreds of dollars. When you buy the add-on printer,
keyboard, and stuff like that, the price probably soars to a higher price
than a sub-$1000 PC (I've seen 166MMX boxes for under $500), it was the same
problem with the jr: You promise them cheap, easy to use, and seemingly
child-like to use. You end up with bad IR transmiters/recievers, expensive
replacements, a high initial-cost, (the jr. shipped for like 1,200, not the
promised 700 bucks.), and babies are bad enough with remotes. What do they
do with 110 volts, a IR keyboard and reciever, and a cartrige system, all
wonderful devices used by adults/older kids? The results are hard to even
think of. If they could make a computer with less than 20V.... that would
probably be OK....
    (A different) Tim. ;^)
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