Donation - old mainframe Unix system

From: Roger Sinasohn <>
Date: Sun Nov 30 19:27:21 1997


In, George Akimov <> wrote:

>Our company has a computer which we would like to donate to college or

>The name is "ARETE" Model 1224/160/16 OS - ARIX, ARIXNET Ethernet
>2 CPU boards, 68040 -25mhz
>64 MB memory
>4-800 MB Disks
>16 serial ports
>240 v.power
>Expansion Cabinet 1200/exp
>474 MB disk drive 1000/D474
>9-track Tape Drive 1000/9T-HP
>9-track Tape/Disk Controller 1000/DT2-9T
>Software, incl INFORMIX.

>Any interest in that, please call (408)376-3801 ext.128
>or e-mail:


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