Apple II series disk drive question

From: Zane H. Healy <>
Date: Tue Sep 2 21:24:34 1997

>> Does a IIgs 3.5" drive work on the IIe?
>I believe the IIe needs a Apple Superdrive controller to run the high-density
>3.5" drive. These are supposed to be hard to find, but if you ask around
>"comp.sys.apple2.marketplace" you can probably find one.
>When you get it, I believe that you'll need ProDOS to make it work.
>DOS 3.3 would require some very heavy-handed hacking to make it talk to
>the Superdrive.

The Standard 3.5" drives for the Apple IIgs are Double Density, there are
the HighDensity drives, but they are spendy!

Not sure if the IIe will handle them or not, if it does it will probably
require a later version of ProDOS, which in turn will require an enhanced
IIe (yes, that is a bit redundant, but none the less). The Enhanced IIe's
seem to be a lot less common than the plain IIe's (I've 3 IIe's and no
enhanced ones).

IIRC an interesting bit on the DuoDisk drives is it's the only way to get
two 5.25" drives on the IIgs. However there is a downside to the DuoDisk
you need the drive cable which since it's detachable doesn't always come
with the drive (that's how I got my second IIe, I bought it for the cable,
as it was cheaper than buying the cable).


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