Oddball IBM 8bit card find.

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Date: Tue Sep 2 17:25:37 1997

Hi anyone can ID this card?

Was pulled from a XT pc machine.


The FPU # is: FPU P/N 33F4846
other label: P/N 57F1590 A26 6290
other small lonely label: A40167

The big PGA ceramic with gold square cover printed on:
CAC 8452

Only 40 pin IC is TI:

there more info on it but not needed to list:

At end of the card where it is against the front end chassis has 8 24
pin DIP ceramic made by toshiba says: TMM2018D-55
There is other 2 chips same but it's rated -45. I know they're
memory type but what is it?

Half of the chips on it is mostly analog types and much number of
capacitors and SIP resistors and two transformers, 3 relays; 2 are
single pole and one is double pole type.

Ok looking at bracket from back as normally installed into PC:

Starting from top:
First 2 connectors are RJ45 type with 8 contacts. Bottom one is
different from that 2 it's 6 contact type with 2 in centre replaced
by a nub otherwise it's equivlent to RJ45 type but needs a special
connector that fits this type of connector with this little nub.
Ok, there are empty small holes behind them there are 2 groups of 3
solder holes. I do not know what it would be used.
That is sure sign of some kind of jack plugs.

This card is in fine condition.


Jason D.
Received on Tue Sep 02 1997 - 17:25:37 BST

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