Burroughs Computers

From: Roger Ivie <IVIE_at_cc.usu.edu>
Date: Thu Sep 4 10:09:39 1997

> I have a lead on a computer, a Burroughs 6800, that is apparantly being
> kept in a store-room and not being used. It seems I should be able to get
> it if I asked. My question is - do I want it? Mostly I have limited
> myself to micros, as they are small and fit my own interests, but I have
> always been willing to accept larger systems. But as a result I know
> nothing about Burroughs - is this thing huge, or what?

It is huge. It is a mainframe size system. The one we used to have here
filled a large room.

> Is it rare, common,
> powerful or just dull?

The main thing about the line which includes the 6800 is that they are
stack machines, which is unusual. I don't know about the popularity of
the 6800 model, but Unisys still sells machines in that line (and they
are still stack machines, and can still execute 6800 code).

Roger Ivie
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