TRS-80, etc.

From: John R. Keys Jr. <>
Date: Thu Sep 4 20:27:42 1997

I too have a few TRS-80 machines, books on TRS-80, manuals, and software. I
will try and send you a list of extras. I may be able to get that Atari 800
for you.
At 10:03 AM 9/4/97 -0500, you wrote:
>Howdy folks:
>I am writing this to let you know... if you would like to be mailed a very
>complete listing of TRS-80 hardware and software, just e-mail me with your
>name and mailing address to This listing costists
>of 65 pages and will be sent via 1st Class mail ASAP. If you would like it
>even quicker, please send $3 to the address below to cover MOST of the
>shipping charges... you would then be 'prioritized'.
>I collect all types of TRS-80 hardware and software, and specialize in
>games in both original diska nd tape format, as well as converted for use
>with modern PC emulators. I have a HUGE collection and would like to share
>this with others. I like to think I have 'nearly' every commercially sold
>game (and hundreds of others) written for the TRS-80 line of computers. I
>also have most applications and DOSs ... all for the Model 1,3,4 as well
>as a limited supply of CoCo hardware and software. I also collect for many
>other classic systems, including but not limited to: MSX, Colour Genie,
>Apple ][, Apple ][e, Apple ][c, Apple ][+, Commodore 64, C-16, Vic 20,
>Plus 4, Atari series, Coleco, Sincalire Spectrum, P2000, and Vectrex
>All I ask for most of the software is to be compensated for my expenses
>(postage, media, etc.) and have very low prices on most of my hardware as
>I have accumulated a large inventory over the years and need to clear my
>I am also looking for the following items in particular:
>1) YOUR classic hardware and/or software. I am always buying and trading
>for those item.
>2) 80-Micro, TRS-80 Microcomputing News, Computer News 80, and 80-US
>Journal magazines, etc.
>3) Original manuals, instruction, and game boxes concerning the TRS-80
>4) Atari 800 - Atari Artist cartridge. A800LX - RX8053.
>Just please remember, I am always buying, selling, and trading for these
>hard to find items... even for things not on the above list. If you're
>looking for something or have some things to offer... PLEASE let me know.
>I simply love the TRS-80 and other classic machines and would appreciate
>any help you may be able to provide in expanding my collection. I most
>gladly will help you out in adding to your own classic computer or game
>machine collection.
>Finally, I have ALL my original disk, tape, and cartridge software... for
>all systems, converted to run on their respective PC emulators!
>Send me your want lists, request for a catalog, or what you have to offer:
>via e-mail, United States Postal Service, or give me a call... I look
>forward to hearing from you.
>Best Wishes,
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>|| (402) 872- 3272 68421-0308 ||
>|| Classic computer software and hardware collector ||
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