FS: Mac Plus

From: Anthony Clifton <wirehead_at_retrocomputing.com>
Date: Sat Sep 6 16:34:33 1997

> Yeah right, 300 bux, I would ask owner for more stuff to go with or
> hack the price to 20 dollars. 300 dollars should be decent si or
> IIfx box with a monitor.
> This is true sign of a Mac person who see things differently.

I don't really think a statement like this is necessary. I won't start
a flame war over this nor do I think it's appropriate to discuss it much
farther than to say that just because someone selects a price that's
wrong doesn't mean they have ill intent. Mac people are no more or less
likely to pick a too-high price than anyone else. In our local paper,
Mac and PC people alike choose prices that are 10 times too high.

It doesn't mean they're evil. It just means that they don't deal in
computers on a regular basis and aren't familiar with market values.

Anthony Clifton - WireHead Prime
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