Strange Dream Last Night

From: Anthony Clifton <>
Date: Sun Sep 7 12:17:34 1997

> My mouth got shot off without enough thinking, was tired at that
> time;
> > > Yeah right, 300 bux, I would ask owner for more stuff to go with or
> > > hack the price to 20 dollars. 300 dollars should be decent si or
> > > IIfx box with a monitor.
> > >
> > > This is true sign of a Mac person who see things differently.
> Oops I worded it wrongly...have a mercy on me!
> Anyway you're correct that I should thought of this.

I had a strange dream last night that I thought would amuse everyone:

It started out kinda weird...I got injured and had to stay in the hospital
but the location where I got hurt was a thrift store that is near my home.
At any rate, after I healed, I was trying to find my way to the home of
a amateur radio operator who had offered me some old computers but I got
side-tracked on the way, as the friends with whom I was riding, wanted to
stop a flea know the kind with Elvis pictures and so on.

I started wandering around and noticed under tables 1970s disk subsystems
and the like and a Cromemco System. Just as I was reaching for it,
however, a proprietor grabbed it and took it into a building. So I
followed him and asked him the price and another guy walked up and said,
"Between 1 and 56 dollars" so I offered him the last 8 dollars in my
pocket and he accepted it.

Maybe I've just got collecting on the brain or something. =-)

Perhaps around Halloween I'll start a "Computer Collecting X-Files"
thread. ;-D

Anthony Clifton - WireHead Prime
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