A Few Items on eBay (Auctionweb)

From: Greg Mast <gmast_at_polymail.cpunix.calpoly.edu>
Date: Sun Sep 7 20:41:05 1997

I'm back going through the pile after school ended and I managed to list
a few more things on the auction.

Apple IIc with Power Supply, External Floppy
    Bidding starts at: $5.00
    Auction ends on: 09/09/97, 19:41:03 PDT

Macintosh 512K System (Photo)
    Bidding starts at: $10.00
    Auction ends on: 09/12/97, 22:50:10 PDT

Apple III Computer System! (Photo)
    Bidding starts at: $5.00
    Auction ends on: 09/13/97 17:17:43 PDT

Apple Imagewriter II Printer
    Current bid: $5.00
    Auction ends on: 09/13/97 17:21:08 PDT

Still have more to list soon including Apple IIplus, IIc monitors,
Commodore 1702 monitor, Commodore drives, Mac 128k, Mac 400k ext. floppy
drives, Apple RGB color monitor, Apple II color monitor, etc.


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