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> I recently aquired a stack of c64's, these are the old brown type. Of (4),
> One works fine, 1 boots, and can run catridges, initializes the floppy on
> boot, but can never access it after boot, the other two have power but no
> video. Any ideas on these folks?

Checkerboard or no display usually means memory is bad, replace all
64k ram chips.

Oddball problems usually traced to the VIA ic's blown by unbuffered
lines. Real easy to do to blow it if careless!

Make sure you put the shield back on with those finger "pads" coated
with bit of heatsink paste on them, they're like poorman's heatsinks!
The video IC get brutally hot!

Monitor the voltages for stablity and good idea to replace those big
capacitors just in case. The floppy drives I think is belt driven
type and needs bit of cleaning. I had a problem with one, inside
that small can there's 2mhz crystal and one TTL chip, That TTL chip
was baddie.

Jason D.
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