New finds and info needed

From: William Donzelli <>
Date: Mon Sep 8 09:36:47 1997

> 1. IBM Powerstation 320 with a 19' monitor 6091-19 with cable (3 BNC),
> anyone having some info this unit I could use it. Can't get it to show
> anything on the monitor. All lights are on.

What does the numeric display on the box do? It should spew out lots of
different numbers (POST (Power On Self Test) and results - a blinking 888
is really BAD, getting stuck on other numbers can also be bad). I have the
service manual for the beasts, and it describes all of the codes. Let me
know what your machine does.

> 2. IBM Powerstation 220 with 17" monitor this unit is locked in service mode
> and I did not get a key. Any info this one would be great.

Without a key you are in trouble. They are special keys that are basically
unique to the machine (unlike the famous DEC key). At least in service
mode, you should be able to get the cover off - if it were in "secure" or
"normal", the cover would also be locked.

> 6. About 10 very large boxes full of IBM PS/2's and other parts. I have
> very busy weekend with these boxes.

If there are MCA cards in there, check to see if any are for the RS/6000s
- they are different, but look fairly similar to the PS/2 variety.

William Donzelli
Received on Mon Sep 08 1997 - 09:36:47 BST

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