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Date: Wed Sep 10 14:16:26 1997

        Heads up! Got an 11/780 that needs rescue in Ilinois. Contact the
fellow directly for details.

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From: (Eric Lindert)
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Subject: VAX 11/780 Free to good home
Date: 9 Sep 1997 21:28:06 GMT
Organization: Argonne National Laboratory, Chicago Illinois
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 VAX 11/780 free to good home:

 Have VAX 11/780 with 3 FUJITSU hard drives, 9 track tape transport,
 2 consoles, all documentation, software, cards, racks, etc.
 Have moved, and do not have room any longer. System is in Shorewood,
 WI (near University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee). Must sacrifice soon.
 Please respond directly, not to newsgroup, as I don't have time to
 address each.
 Eric Lindert
 home: (630)493-1837
 wk : (630)252-9424
Bruce Lane, SSG Computing Support
(253) 773-8576 Bldg. 18-04.2, Col. G1
Boeing ISDS, Kent Space Ctr.
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