HP 2100A available from Ann Arbor MI

From: Hans Pufal <hans1_at_filan00.grenoble.hp.com>
Date: Thu Sep 11 00:43:20 1997

At risk of repeating someone elses post (I receive the digest form of
the list):

Recently seen on the net:

> An HP 2100A minicomputer will become available soon, in Ann Arbor, MI.
> This is a machine I once worked on, but I can't take it (no space) so
> if anyone wants an old workhorse of a machine with some significant
> position in history, please take it.

> The thing is a typical late 1960's or early 1970's rack mounted
> minicomputer; I'm sure it can be safely de-racked. It can probably
> be shipped UPS, but it would be at the upper end of the UPS size and
> weight range, so it may have to go motor freight.

> There may be a DEC RX01 and an RK05 drive attached to it (I'm not
> sure which of the HP machines at Michigan had what peripherals, but
> the disk drives they used were from DEC). These can be deracked and
> shipped separately, but they're commodity parts, in a relative sense,
> while the HP2100 is not a commonplace machine.

> Doug Jones
> jones_at_cs.uiowa.edu

I would love this machine but shipping to Europe is out of the question

Don't let this one die a horrible death.


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