Follow-up PS320

From: Zane H. Healy <>
Date: Fri Sep 12 20:53:05 1997

>Still waiting to hear what the code numbers 554 mean that I get on the
>Powerstation 320 from IBM ?? As Isaid before it boots up to this number but
>I get no video on the monitor it's a IBM 6091-19 that came with the 320.
>Would like to get some documentation on this machine if anyone would like
>trade or sell.

I was able to look this one up at work today. Basically it's complaining
about one of two things. The first cause is that it can't boot off of the
disk, the second is if it had been connected to a network, that it can't
find NFS Swap space. My guess would be the second, after all how many
people bother to wipe disks? No idea how to fix it, the best bet would be
a clean install of AIX.

BTW this is a RS/6000 machine.


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