Painting/Re-finishing computer cases...

From: Larry Anderson & Diane Hare <>
Date: Fri Sep 12 23:26:38 1997

Here is something new:

  I just read a newsgroup post about a (somewhat) poor soul who has
gotten a PET 2001 with a rusty case looking for re-finishing/painting
suggestions. I suggested he subscribe here and ask for help.

  Thinking about it this is a cool topic for discussion, has anyone
re-painted their computer cases and what tips/suggestions do you have
for us or what should we avoid (also got any good color schemes?). (I
have a few 64s lying around that would look neat with a custom paint
job, since they are plastic, what do you suggest?

  I remember a letter in one of the Commodore mags on how to remove and
re-set the alphanumeric decals on a keyboard, maybe I sould spend half a
day in the storage unit and find some of this stuff... :/

                  Larry Anderson
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