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From: Paul E Coad <pcoad_at_crl.com>
Date: Sat Sep 13 01:55:02 1997

On Fri, 12 Sep 1997, John Ruschmeyer wrote:

> >On Fri, 12 Sep 1997, Bruce Lane wrote:
> >
> >> Received this last night. Three questions:
> >>
> >> 1). What's an Osborne Executive?
> >
> >A re-design of the Osborne 1. A bit more polished. Probably had higher
> >density drives although I don't know the technical differences. Had a
> >bigger screen.
> It had double density, 40trk drives, same as the O-1 with the DD upgrade.
> The Executive, however, ran CP/M+ (3.0) as opposed to 2.2 on the O-1.
> I think (assume) it also had 128K RAM.

I checked my Osborne Executive Reference Guide. It lists starndard
hardware features:

Z80A central processor
124K total RAM
4K RAM for two charactersets (128 characters/set)
4K x 12 RAM for video memory
2K bytes scratchpad RAM
7-inch amber video monitor
Two double-density disk drives (185K capacity each)
Two RS-232-C serial ports
Parallel port: IEEE 488 or Centronics protocols
External Video connector
Composite video connector (RS-470)
Full upper/lowercase keyboard, with numeric keypad

The RAM is bank-switched.

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