Here we go AGAIN!

From: Daniel A. Seagraves <>
Date: Sat Sep 13 14:43:56 1997

I finally got the '44 to it's (so far) permanent location, and I'm trying
to get it all back together, minus the rack (Looking for someplace to put
it, it's too bug to get up 8 floors!). I may try anyway...
The problem is, I have to get everything in ONE ba11 (Due to lack of
power). So, I have no massbus stuff, and I only need 16 com ports for
now, so I got 2 DZ11s, the processor, the UDA50, and 1.75MB of RAM into
the processor box. My test was to fire it all up, and do "b du0" and
UDA50 would wait forever for the RA81 to answer. The RA is still down in
my car (I get to unload it myslef - oh boy!) and I can't bring it up yet.
Anyway, everything powers up, but when I try to get it to boot, I get to
wait about 5 seconds, then I get
$20 MPC=15
(I think the $ may have been something else)
This (According to the manual) means "the processor started a transfer,
but it timed out". Do I have to play with the backplane to get the new
config to work?
I have NPG cards in everything that's empty.
The UDA50 strobes like it's supposed to...
The bus is laid out like this:
| | | PRCSSR |
| RH11| DZ | |
|MBUS | | |

That's then way it WAS. The UDA50 is where the DZ was, the DZ moved to
the RH11 area, because when the UDA50 was there, it said the CPU was
halted. (All the lights were on)
I have an M950 joining the CPU to the UDA, and an M9500 (I think) joining
the UDA to the DZs. And the bus IS terminated! I also have NPG plugs
on the M950 and M9500.

Also: There appears to be a Road Runner (Real, not the animated one)
etched on the the 2nd UDA50 card, bu the name. Anyone know anything about
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