Vintage Computer Festival

From: Marvin <>
Date: Sun Sep 14 02:01:49 1997

COMMPUTERSEUM/Kevin Stumpf wrote:

> Please let me tell you a short story. I thought we had a great idea for a
> fund-raiser for the COMMPUTERSEUM. We would hold a public viewing of
> Triumphs of the Nerds complete with door prizes and lots'o fun (picture
> with the COMMPUTERSEUM. A failure? Perhaps, but we learned and probably
> all
> sorts of people think a Nerd Night was held in Waterloo, Ontario., well
> hey,
> it did. It's on record.

Did you do a critique to find out what happened? As I think about it, the
idea sounds really great! However there had to be some reasons why people
didn't show up and it would be interesting to know what comments took place
afterwards by some of the people who didn't show.
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