Vintage Computer Festival

From: Marvin <>
Date: Mon Sep 15 10:22:31 1997

Sam Ismail wrote:

> Also, could I get a rough show of hands of those who are interested in
> attending the Vintage Computer Festival? I'm trying to get an idea of
> what the interest level is among fellow collectors for this type of
> show. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Also, your comments
> and suggestions are welcome. Thanks!

Everyone I have talked to who was involved in the early days of computers
has a high degree of interest in this show. I talked to a friend of mine
last night, who it turns out was also a Burroughs field engineer about 20
years ago, who thought this was a great idea. He will also be attending if
he can work out the schedule as he is rather busy.

I can't speak much for those who weren't involved in the early days of
computers since I don't know that many people in that catagory :).
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