Painting/Re-finishing computer cases...

From: Uncle Roger <>
Date: Mon Sep 15 21:22:30 1997

At 08:26 PM 9/12/97 -0800, you wrote:
> Thinking about it this is a cool topic for discussion, has anyone
>re-painted their computer cases and what tips/suggestions do you have
>for us or what should we avoid (also got any good color schemes?). (I
>have a few 64s lying around that would look neat with a custom paint
>job, since they are plastic, what do you suggest?
There was someone on the m100 mailing list who took his m100 apart and spray
painted the case. A neat idea (except he broke his screen while putting it
back together.) It's something I'd like to do one of these days, if I get a
spare 100.

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