Rescue needed!!!

From: Bill Girnius <>
Date: Tue Sep 16 08:27:03 1997

Do we have someone in the Carolinas that can contact this person and get
these, I would LOVE one. I have emailed him saying will wil try to get
someone out. But I havent heard a response.

Bill G.

Subject: Apple ///s FREE!
From: (John David Rose)
Date: 1997/09/15
Message-Id: <>
Newsgroups: comp.sys.apple2.usergroups
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We have five working, plus two for parts, Apple /// computers, complete
with all utility disks, drivers, documentation, Cobol, Pascall, Basic,
Word Juggler, Visicalc, Micro-Terminal programs, plus back-issues of
"On-Three" magazine, plus three working impact printers. We hate to throw
working equipment away. Can some computer tech school, lab, anyone take
these off our hands before we simply have to junk them? Located in South
Carolina. Send E mail message of interest to J.D. Rose at thanks
Received on Tue Sep 16 1997 - 08:27:03 BST

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