IBM Convertible Parts Needed and other Nifties

From: Jeff Kaneko <>
Date: Thu Sep 18 10:34:19 1997

> I also received two Commodore SFD-1001 drives (the IEEE-488 things that
Yow! Such a score! 1Mb FD storage for Commodores! These are pretty
scarce, by my estimation; commodore hacks find these most desirable.

> look like a 1541). Anyone have an IEEE adapter for a C64, etc?

You know, these sometimes show up for sale in comp.sys.cbm, but they
too are VERY scarce. I have been searching for something similar but
even more rare: IEEE-488 for the VIC-20! These beasties exist, but I
have never actually seen one.

J. Kaneko

> Thanks...
> Anthony Clifton - WireHead Prime
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