IBM 5120 info needed

From: John R. Keys Jr. <>
Date: Thu Sep 18 17:38:18 1997

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I have a 5110 cpu unit but had to leave the drive unit and printer behind :(
If you can get the 5120 it would be a great find for your collection. The
data storage could be either 1.2 M or 2.4 M on the 8" floppies. The machine
was announced in March of 1980 and was the successor to the 5100 and was
based on the 5110 Model 3. Also Basic and APL are in ROM. Good luck with it.
At 09:59 PM 9/17/97 -0500, you wrote:
>My second job as a computer programmer put me in front of an IBM 5120.
>It was a desktop model which incorporated a B&W monitor, keyboard, and
>two 8" floppy drives in the main cabinet.
>In addition, there was an optional dual disk drive expansion unit which
>contained two more 8" floppy drives. This unit was the size of a small
>filing cabinet, and rolled on casters.
>There was also a wide carriage dot-matrix IBM printer with it.
>If I remember correctly, I believe BASIC was in ROM. When the computer
>accessed the floppy drives, it shut the screen off for timing or speed,
>resulting in a flashing screen that drove you batty by the end of the
>day! IBM also produced a model 5110 which I believe was a similar
>machine to the 5120. The machine was manufactured around 1979, and the
>only thing it has in common with the original PC is the big red power
>switch. From what I understood at the time, IBM basically disowned the
>5120 when the PC became popular.
>I would like to approach my former employer to procure this machine for
>my collection, but have been unable to find any info about it on the
>web. Does anyone know how common/uncommon these units are? Any other
>info would be much appreciated.
>Grant Zozman
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