Computer Pricing

From: Marvin <>
Date: Fri Sep 19 19:20:04 1997

John R. Keys Jr. wrote:

> I agree and have been saving old ads, promotions give away's and the like.
> My library is very large and contains over 500 books. Keep computing !
> >One thing that does deserve some special consideration is the
> documentation
> >and advertising literature of the 70's and 80's. The other night, I got
> >what appears to be the first Radio Shack advertising brochure for the

500 books !?!?! That is quite a collection! I have just recently began
actively looking for the old computer books although I have been collecting
the manuals, etc. for years. One book I have found fascinating is "The
Origins of Digital Computers", a selection of papers by people such as
Babbage, Hollerith, Zuse, Aiken, Von Neumann, and other notables. The
Bibliography that E. Tedeschi posted a while ago has also been excellent for
seeing what books might be useful.
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