IBM System/38 Available for Free, Is It Worth It?

From: Sam Ismail <>
Date: Sat Sep 20 12:34:06 1997

On Fri, 19 Sep 1997, Robert Kirk Scott wrote:

> at it that close yet. A little research on the
> newsgroup revealed that the general feeling is that these computers are
> not worth fooling with, as basically you get a room-sized 8088 in the
> end. What say ye? Is it worth messing with in your opinion? I'd have to
> find a place to set it up, and moving it would be a pain. But it would
> be a stretch for me and the first opportunity for me to mess with a
> mini. What's the consensus?

If everyone thought like that there would be no more System/38's in
existance. The point is not to have a room-sized 8088, but to have a
System/38, one of the most forgettable systems (it seems) in the history
of computing, so that it will be preserved.

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