IBM System/38 Available for Free, Is It Worth It?

From: Chwolka <>
Date: Sun Sep 21 20:57:09 1997

Tony Duell wrote:
> > I agree here, little is being saved of IBMs wares. Really, the stuff is
> Now, a manufacturer that _never_ seems to get mentioned is Philips. How
> many people realise that Philips (yes, the company that also makes
> consumer electronics, etc) made minicomputers. They certainly made a
> series of 16 bit machines in the 1970's, and I've heard of machines using
> valves (tubes) back in the 1950's also from Philips.
> > William Donzelli
> -tony

Vote for Phillips -)

I had a P4000 - a multiprocessor, multiuser -system with a lot of 8085
bords even
with his own ram , a system ram of 1mb , a 12' 80MB harddisks etc.
The computer died but some parts are saved.

Now I have 2 P3500 from phillips. They are TurboDos machines and the
nice thing is
that they have a DCD check and if I rum my procom under OS/2 the P3500
starts and
I cab work with it.
Ending procom the P3500 fall to sleep -)

I agree Phillips made nice machines even the TurboDos are great once.


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