On the hunt at Goodwill . . . .

From: Jeff Kaneko <Jeff.Kaneko_at_ifrsys.com>
Date: Mon Sep 22 14:30:51 1997


I dredged this up from comp.sys.cbm. Alot of you guys out there have
been talking about hunting down 'Heavy Iron'. Here's one who's struck
the Mother Lode of 'Lite Plastic'. I sure wish I knew where this
place was . . . .


------------>>>> Forewarded Message Follows<<<<---------------

Hey All,

 For those of you in the U.S. looking for backup systems, extra
drives, or just new and different Commodores, I have a small story to

 This weekend I had the privilege (sarcasm) of putting together
a low-end IBM-compat system for my dad. After hunting around, I found
that Good Will is now selling their computer systems separately at a
place called Good Will Computerworks. As I priced the PC items with
them, I asked casually if they ever dealt in old Commodore 8-bits.

 "Well", the Good Will lady said, "we do get them in all the
time, but we typically put them in a salvage bin, where they end up as
scrap or garbage."

 At that moment, I felt like one of those animal rights activists
watching the Science channel.

 "If you like, though", she went on, "you can come down and sign
our request book."

 Not an hour later I was at Good Will Computerworks, making a deal on
a VGA monitor for $50.00 and asking about signing up to have Commodore
hardware set aside. The lady asked what specifically I was after, and
I mentioned a few items. She then introduced me to another lady who
was in charge of salvage. She, in turn, brought me to the salvage
bin. The Good Will junk pile for computers.

 As I sit here folks, my eyes got as big as saucers when I saw this

 Commodore 128's, 1571's, 1541's, Vic-20s, bread box C64s, printers,
of it-- just lying there like turtles on thier backs.

 Yesterday, my friends, I drove home with a VGA monitor for $50.00,
another box with a flat Commodore 128, Commodore 1571 DSDD disk drive,
assorted software in the box, a Commodore VIC-20, and power supplies
and power cables all around for $5.00!!!!!! I spent the rest of the
day testing, cleaning, and tinkering. It's all in perfect condition.
The VIC-20 was a particularly special find, as I had been looking for

 Today I've been downloading VIC-20 software from ftp.funet.fi and
playing some really great little games on it. The charm of this
computer can not be understated. If you can get your hands on one, I
highly recommend it.

 The moral of this story? I'm not sure there is one, except that
Commodore computers all over this country on their way to their deaths
at the hands of the "Good" Will folks. Only we can stop them, and as
for my part, it's been a pleasure to.

 - Bo
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