Back again kinda

From: Bill Whitson <>
Date: Mon Sep 22 16:58:56 1997

Hi all.

I've been away vacationing and intended to read the list
but my laptop bit the dust 2 days into the trip (damn
PC crap ;).

At any rate, I'll be reading and catching up again but
if there is anything pressing, please get in touch.

I'll also be getting back to work on the web site stuff
and the FAQs over the next couple weeks as I've been
slacking lately.

To those I was going to meet up with on the trip - sorry
I lost all phone numbers/directions/etc with my hard
drive. If anyone knows where to get a cheap hard drive
for a Compaq Contura 430 please let me know ;).

Bill Whitson
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    Classic Computers List Operator/Owner
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