Another Lisa 2/5 question

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Date: Mon Sep 22 20:52:39 1997

Hey, Zane... congrats on your Lisa score! Hope she works!

> Well this weekend I got the boards out and removed the battery pack. I
> ended up using White Vinegar to clean up the mess the batteries had made.
> Seems to have worked OK.

I had to do this to mine. Make sure you also cleaned the "mother" board
(one with all the sockets in it) as well as the IO board that had those
nasty batteries in it.

> Now I've got a problem. How do I go about replacing the four batteries in
> the pack? I've no idea what they were rated at. Do I need replace them?
> I noticed an On/Off switch next to them, any ideas what it's for?

The batteries aren't exactly necessary. They're just there to keep the
clock goign and various settings set whenever you unplug the machine. As
long as she stays plugged in, these things will stay set. Apple figured
out that those batteries sucked, and so the Lisa 2/10 and Mac XL (bastardized
Lisa) don't have them. They just lose their clock & stuff when you
unplug them or the power goes out.

So I wouldn't sweat replacing them... they're more or less just
cosmetic. However, I'd bet that you could solder in a battery pack with
alkalines in it or something if you were moving your Lisa a lot (Why?
she weighs like 60 lbs!!) or your power went out a lot (yikes! protect
her from surges!). But it might not be worth the risk of screwing up
your precious machine.

The On/Off switch is to switch for the recharge circuitry. I'd recomend
putting it in the off position. That big red coil and the huge black
capacitor at the upper-right hand corner of the IO board is the recharge
circuitry, BTW.

Good luck in getting your Lisa cleaned up and going! Where did you get
her and (if you don't mind me asking) how much did she set you back?

(you can e-mail me directly if you've already told the story over the
 mailing list -- I've been off the list for a while)

Oh, and if anyone has a Lisa Lite (Sony floppy controller) that they
don't want, I'm sure that my little Lisa 2/5 would be very happy to be
working again. :(

chris starling
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