War Games

From: Sam Ismail <dastar_at_crl.com>
Date: Tue Sep 23 01:30:25 1997

Ok, I went out and rented _War Games_ because I'm a total nerd and wanted
to see David's IMSAI. I noticed a couple interesting things in the
movie. First, in one scene early on where david is sitting in front of
his computer, they show it head on, and you can see sitting on top of his
monitor his modem, which had on it "IMSAI 212A MODEM". Did IMSA, in
fact, manufacture a 1200 baud modem? He also had an IMSAI labeled keyboard!

A neat thing: at the end of the movie during the credits they get to
thanking those who provided technical assistance. The first company
listed is none other than "CompuPro Division, Godbout Electronics". Very
cool! Others listed were Televideo, Fischer-Freitas (why does that sound
familiar and did I get the Fischer part right?), Memorex, Qume, and about
10 others.

Anyway, pretty cool flick. It combines elements of hacking, phreaking
(where he grounds the microphone on the old ground-start payphone, a real
ball-sy scene since that was a real-life trick you could pull in those
days) and of course classic computers!

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