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From: Hans Pufal <hans1_at_filan00.grenoble.hp.com>
Date: Tue Sep 23 03:37:34 1997

Recently Sam remarked:

>A neat thing: at the end of the movie during the credits they get to
>thanking those who provided technical assistance. The first company
>listed is none other than "CompuPro Division, Godbout Electronics". >Very
>cool! Others listed were Televideo, Fischer-Freitas (why does that >sound

It may have been Fisher (I'll check at lunch today, but they were ex
IMSAI employees who set up in business after IMSAI's demise supporting
the old machines. Just read "Fire in the Valley" ;-)

>familiar and did I get the Fischer part right?), Memorex, Qume, and

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