Are these really worth keeping?

From: PG Manney <>
Date: Tue Sep 23 09:56:44 1997

>> I'm starting to sort through the misc. parts and accessories that I've
>> collected over the years and am wondering if certain things are really
>> worth keeping, such as:
>> 1200 baud modems (Hayes external, Racal Vadic VA212LC)
>> CGA cards
>> Hercules and MDA mono cards
>> Generic XT floppy controllers

To put in my 2 cents' worth...

Up until last year, I sold XT's pretty regularly. This year, I sold two. I
*do* still see some acquired out there (last Sunday, I set up a PC for a
friend and her kids...she bought it for $9 at an auction) and many of my
customers still have the older stuff (good grief -- we still have a couple
Epson QX-10's around, in this hick town!)

Motherboards are gonna start going rapidly pretty soon, and
monitors...nobody makes CGA anymore that I know of...what user (versus
collector) is gonna replace a CGA with VGA on an XT? He'll junk the whole
thing, and buy a Packard Bell at Wal-Mart (and use it to play Solitaire.)

Worth keeping? I think so. Boards don't take up a whole lot of space, and
you're going to make a collector *very* happy some day. (I'd take your
boards, except that I've already got plenty.) But, it'll be a long time
before you sell them!
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