On the hunt at Goodwill . . . .

From: Bill Girnius <thedm_at_sunflower.com>
Date: Tue Sep 23 12:21:46 1997

Yeah Im the "computer guy" at the salvation army store I frequent. I think
i've yet to pay full price for anything yet. I like to "haggle"

> From: Scott Ware <s-ware_at_nwu.edu>
> To: Discussion re-collecting of classic computers
> Subject: RE: On the hunt at Goodwill . . . .
> Date: Tuesday, September 23, 1997 12:10 PM
> On Mon, 22 Sep 1997, James Willing wrote:
> > Now on the other hand, the Salvation Army store could not sell gear to
> > Gates based on the way they price stuff. An Apple IIgs for $495?!?
> > now...
> Here (in Chicago), the Salvation Army store that carries computer
> equipment tends to price everything computer-related at $45, regardless
> what it is. There was (until it recently closed) a Salvation Army
> store in the building with one of their warehouses that had some great
> deals, primarily on items that they couldn't easily classify. It may be
> worth looking for these in other cities, since the one here had items
> as oscilloscopes and Nixie tube DMMs that never made it into the normal
> stores.
> Sometimes, thrift store pricing and procedures are hard to understand. I
> once saw a thrift store employee deliberately damaging items with a
> before marking them down. I guess the theory is that you don't deserve
> all of the keys if you're paying $2 for a computer instead of $20.
> Is anyone else here recognized as "the computer guy" at thrift stores?
> one store (admittedly only a block from my apartment, so I visit it
> regularly), they save documentation for me and often mark down computer
> equipment the day after I've passed it up. Prices have risen slightly
> since they've realized that there is demand, but they seem to be stocking
> more old computer equipment now, and if something is too expensive, it's
> easy to wait a day or two!
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