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From: Anthony Clifton <wirehead_at_retrocomputing.com>
Date: Tue Sep 23 14:24:22 1997

> One thing I forgot to mention that is also interesting is that there was
> absolutely no mention of IMSAI in the credits! Not that I saw at least.
> What's neat is that this movie came out in 1983, probably filmed in 1982
> was very cool that they chose to use an IMSAI. Maybe its because they
> were trying to convey that David had some big, powerful computer.

I think they wanted the computer to look more hackeresque. In the
screenplay, David built his computer from junk, cobbling it together over
time, kinda hard to cobble an Apple case and motherboard over time.

I don't think they wanted it to look big and powerful as much as complex
and hackeresque.

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