Are these really worth keeping?

From: John Ruschmeyer <>
Date: Tue Sep 23 17:09:11 1997

>On Tue, 23 Sep 1997, Kai Kaltenbach wrote:
>> > > CGA cards
>> >
>> Actual IBM CGA cards are a must-keep.
>> > > Hercules and MDA mono cards
>> >
>> Original Hercules brand cards (as opposed to compatible) and IBM
>> Monochrome Display Adapter cards are also must-keeps.
>> > > Generic XT floppy controllers
>> >
>> Genuine IBM floppy controllers should be saved.
>IMHO _all_ genuine IBM cards should be saved. I always dig through the
>'any card 1 pound' box at radio rallies (hamfests) looking for such
>things. IBM cards have the advantage that they can be repaired (I have an
>almost-complete set of TechRefs).
>IMHO collectors will want early genuine IBM PC bits in the future. Just
>like some people will pay for Altair bits today.

Interesting... the thought, though, reminds me of the whole "genuine"
Altair discussion. The same way that an Altair chasis may contain Compupro
or other S-100 cards, an XT chasis could contain cards from Hercules, AST,
Quadram, or any number of other manufacturers.

Will this make these systems any less desirable/valuable in the future? Or
will people just want to pay lots of money for matching IBM logos on the
monitor, CPU, and keyboard? (Oops, almost forgot the logos embossed on the
drives. :-)

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