Another source not to forget..

From: will emerson <>
Date: Tue Sep 23 18:33:25 1997

Another source to consider for classic stuff is the eubiquitous ((sp?)
here in the
Eastern Ma. area, anyway) "yard (or tag) sale". Saturday, I found a
"roll table"
built for DEC's old WT78 (revised VT52) word processor.. Paid U.S. $20
it.. Best PC stand I've ever seen!


Sorry to have to resort to this, but, due to the myriad of automatic
e-mail advertising ("SPAMming") programs out there, I've been forced
to modify my "reply to" address. To reply to this message, you must
remove the .spamfree from the reply-to address. To those friends, and
who are trying to contact me with info that I will likely be happy to
receive, I apologze for this inconvienence. To those out there, sending
all these annoying "junk mail" messages, I say "Oh well...."
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